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Silver Merit for the Pale Blue Dot

This year I was lucky enough to have been invited to BBC Gardener's World Live with my Beautiful Border 'Our Space In Space'.

The design is a representation of the classic image of Earth taken by Voyager 1 on 14th February 1990 from more than 4 billion miles away. Known as the Pale Blue Dot, the photograph was used in Carl Sagan’s book of the same name to beautifully and humbly give perspective to all human life and our planet’s place within the universe. To me this is the ultimate illustration that our own cherished small spaces are connected to the wider universe, and the perspective that brings; with everything on Earth, and all natural and human history, encompassed in that one tiny dot. (Give it look, well worth a read!)

Pictures detailing the whole process are below, and with thanks to Winterbourne Centre for Horticulture, Garden Store and Stephanie 'Life at 139a' for their blogs on the subject too!

It was an amazing experience and although it was stressful and time consuming in the planning stages, once we were at the show and setting up it was just a thoroughly enjoyable time!

I am now buzzing with ideas and looking for other opportunities to be involved in any aspect of the design/planning/building of show gardens!

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