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Competition Shortlist for the Green Grafters!

It is a delight to be able to announce that the Welsh House Farm Green Grafters have been shortlisted in the Community Garden category for the Cultivation Street competition this year!

Full house - Summer 2017 with volunteers and local families

This wonderful achievement is based on their development of a communal allotment plot over the past almost 18 months:

"The WHF Green Grafters have a communal allotment plot at Tennal Lane Allotments, a Birmingham City Council site. In April 2017 the group signed up for a half size plot which had recently been cleared and so provided a clean slate to begin with. With a few donated old raised beds and plenty of digging they started the season, a little late, in May with potatoes, runner beans, strawberries, courgettes and the like. Over the first summer they had a successful crop of produce with a fairly regular group of 3 or 4 volunteers maintaining the plot, and 3-4 organised sessions with local children and families also joining in and developing the plot.

Around September time the Green Grafters were informed that the adjoining half plot was to become vacant and so this was also taken on, but in contrast to the first area this one was a bit overgrown and neglected. Throughout the autumn and winter the focus was therefore to clear the rubbish and weeds from the new plot, which included a couple of organised sessions with around 6 people assisting with the work.

Also over the winter, an overall plan for the two plots was drawn up and the various areas marked out, e.g. clearing and covering the area where the hope is to install a poly- tunnel. In 2018, despite some reduction to regular volunteer numbers, the group has continued to develop the now larger plot, now showing a good crop of rhubarb developing, a small orchard area in place, and work is ongoing towards raising the funding required for the larger structures and landscaping to make the plot more accessible.'

The group is very friendly and welcoming, and is open to all, so please do get in touch with them or connect via social media to get involved!

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